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What We Represent

“Blood Creek” is meant to meet the needs of the men and women who have the blood of an outdoorsman running through their veins. Much like the blood in our bodies, the creeks flow through the land and to us, nature moves just like the way our body does. Every outdoor experience is unique in itself and everyone’s outdoor needs differ. This is why we are committed to providing the most durable and comfortable clothing for all outdoor enthusiasts. 

A Message From Clay and Pat

Just like you, at a young age, we developed a love and passion for everything outdoors. From climbing trees to hunting and fishing, we live and breathe the outdoors. As life got busy, it became harder and harder to be outside as much as we wanted which made the appreciation and love of nature only grow stronger. After graduating college and joining the workforce, we realized that the passion we have for the outdoor lifestyle was something we could not give up. We set out on a mission to provide other ‘wood ticks’ like us the top of the line merchandise for their outdoor needs. Our unique blend of durability, comfort, and style provides you with a better outdoor adventure. Blood Creek Outdoors is a clothing line like no other and we value your support on making our journey a success. Your ideas for our clothing are always heard and encouraged. Please contact us at any time!

Thank you for believing in our products and sharing our passion. 

Clay and Pat

Blood Creek

Owner Clay Walderzak

Growing up in a rural community on Michigan’s northeast side, co-owner Clay Walderzak has always had a deep connection to the outdoors. Throughout his childhood, time spent emersed in the natural world fostered a love and appreciation that would last a lifetime. As a young adult that appreciation only grew stronger when time in the wild became harder to come by thanks to the rigors of a collegiate football schedule.

Yet, no matter how busy his schedule became he never forgot the far reaching benefits of an outdoor lifestyle.

Clay, at a young age, has outgrown two independently run companies, and now spends his time as both a Project Engineer and as an excited new business co-owner.

To Clay and a growing number of like-minded supporters, Blood Creek Outdoors represents a profound connection to the world around us.

Owner Pat Walderzak

Pat grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm in Bridgeport, MI, where the 22 acres of beautiful outdoors sparked his love for nature and outdoor activities. Through the years, hunting and fishing became a passion and a way of life for Pat. 

After attending CMU on a Track & Field Scholarship, Pat partnered up with Gammy Creek Outdoors, a hunting and fishing television show that was featured on the Sportsman Channel. It was a dream come true, traveling to places like Kodiak Island, Alaska for Grizzly Bear hunts, duck hunting, Halibut fishing and much more. 5 years of living the dream, hunting and fishing in God's country made his love for the outdoors even greater.

Pat graduated from CMU with a BFA in Graphic Arts and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Working with hundreds of companies on branding, marketing and design concepts assisted in the efforts to create Blood Creek Outdoors.